Trust Administration


Our highly qualified and experienced team provides quality trust solutions tailored to meet your needs.
We are regulated and licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) to manage a wide variety of trust assets independent of Investment Managers, allowing the firm to maintain an objective and impartial point of view.
We can:
• Establish all types of trusts – Ordinary or Discretionary Trust, Exempted Trust, Reserved Powers Trust, Purpose Trust (STAR), Private Trust Companies, Charitable & Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts
• Act as Trustee, Protector and/or Enforcer
• Provide a corporate trustee to unit trusts and STAR trusts
• Provide directors to the board of a Private Trust Company
• Provide ongoing administration to the trust
• Prepare financial statements and maintain all books and records
• Liaise with investment managers and custodians
• Provide ESCROW arrangements
• Provide access to Cayman legal counsel
For more information on the types of trust available in Cayman and specifics regarding their operation please see our General Information page.